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New Antigua & Barbuda Music Video Website Launched

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The suggestions and pleas from Antiguans and Barbudans, near and far, to create a central online and digital space to listen and view music videos of local artists, has been heard. The recently launched is a project created by Gamal Goodwin and WarDadli SoulJahs as their contribution to the music industry in Antigua & Barbuda. Gamal, who is co-founder and DJ at WarDadli SoulJahs, is also the founder and creative director of GProductionsOnline – a reputable website and graphic designing company with over a decade of experience.

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Gamal Goodwin, Founder of

Goodwin says he came up with the idea of creating a service that would benefit the artists, music lovers and the entire music industry all at once. “For years I’ve realized there has been a gap developing. Artists could not get adequate exposure for their music, likewise the music fans were not even aware of a lot of the local talent and music. ….. there wasn’t any platform for many artists to be heard, likewise neither a platform for the fans to hear them, learn them and share them.” He says. “Artists have spent time and money on their music and videos and for various reasons they struggle to get adequate exposure. The best way to get your video seen was via television, but some local videos aren’t quality enough to be shown on TV networks. My website, I hope, will fill that gap and give some needed exposure to those who desire it.”

The main feature on the website is the user-friendly experience. Gamal says the website has been designed using the latest technology, making it compatible with today’s browsers and mobile devices. Creating a member profile and adding your music videos is also free, quick and easy. Videos can be added via very popular video website Youtube, and others, or you can upload your own video file. Each uploaded video will then be categorized by genre and displayed in the appropriate page on the website.

Outside of artists, the website also benefits those music lovers that wish to keep up-to-date with Antigua & Barbuda’s music. “They now have a point of reference for all Antigua & Barbuda music. And being online, our music can be enjoyed on demand at any time of the day via any computer, phone or device with an Internet connection.” Says Goodwin proudly.

Gamal encourages ALL artists, producers and musicians from Antigua & Barbuda to join and add their own music videos to website’s platform, so that they can begin to benefit from its global reach. Art.Culture.Antigua had an opportunity a few days ago to check out the site for ourselves and we were taken back specifically at how many unknown Antiguan artists were making music across multiple genres both here and abroad. hopes to be the portal where visitors go first for new Antigua & Barbuda music. From Claudette ‘CP’ Peters, Tian Winter, MNMMusic and Richardo Drue, to Sarah Mark,  Promises No Promises, LogiQ, Drastic, J. Nation and Souljah Man, to lesser known and unknown talent, visitors will be treated to an experience that satisfies every different taste in music. The entity hopes overtime that the website will become an extensive online archive of local music, present and past, that can be searched, categorized and shared. In the next phase, the website will be upgraded to expand on member features and the overall functionality of the online platform.


  1. DQuinland

    May 15, 2016 at 7:26 am

    Waited for this so long. Extremely pleased that Mr.Goodwin offered his talents to ensure this platform was created.
    Thank and keep building on this.

  2. Cody Bailey

    June 6, 2016 at 8:18 am

    Many thanks for the suggestions, I will try to take advantage of it.

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